Friday, November 13, 2015

West of Asia

            For as long as time could sustain the illusion, coming to America was a dream not many could have the privilege of becoming true. Crossing that great divide was a feat all on its own. No borders or laws could stop immigrants from all pillars of the world to arrive in a nation that once was held as a beacon for hope. Its liberty statue grounded near the bay as she beamed her eternal flame to all come rich or poor, attracting the lost and weary as they sought for a new beginning. A new beginning towards a better life.
History remembers when America stood united under the same flag. The constitution and its anthem run through the veins of every man and woman, reminding them their rights and freedom. Time remembers the glorious victories America once held. Every battle won in the name of justice, liberty to all. The power America once reigned over the lands now lay in ruins, lost forever, as I remember.
            That world no longer exist. The only place America stands is in history books, foretelling of the rise and eternal fall of the first greatest nation modern times has ever known. Where one falls others will rise, is what history teaches. Where one nation burns, another ascends to its throne. It’s the culture epoch theory no one remembers to forget. The thesis of every nation is set in stone, its future written in the stars for the enemy to prey on.
            Though many perished in the fall our great king, the Imperial Emperor of Asia, spared those he deemed worthy. Billions of innocent lives were gone in the disarray, slaughtered into submission, and though our beginning may be gruesome it is no different than any other nation ascending to its throne. Few would agree our king, Imperial Emperor of Asia, set the flames ablaze but few would forget we were simply taking what was ours to begin with.
            We, the people of Asia, funded what was known as America. Christopher Columbus, the founding father himself, sought to establish a better trading route for Asia’s convenience. Though they omit that fact in their history books. Had it not been for Columbus ties with Asia, there wouldn’t be an America to look back on. We stabilized their shares in the stock market, manufactured their toys; we brought them the future. We produced everything they own, to the clothes on their backs, expecting to receive the generosity we had extended.
It wasn’t long before our then king realized we would never get what we had given. Our king was patient. He accepted what little scraps America’s top wealthiest sponsors could give with caution. He stood back and watched America rise as they became the enforcers of an unstable world. He did nothing as America revealed its true color but when the moment came, he struck where it mattered most.
            Currency shifted to the yen, giving Asia the investment she lost in America. Their president declared war again but failed to deliver. Our emperor gathered a small ally and with their help, we boycotted the American war machine. While their solders fought with loud machinery, our brothers starved them to death. America was not prepared for a famine, a move our king had foreseen. America fell while Asia rose, the world stabilized.
            As Asia grew into a global empire, America retreated to its colonial era. The once great united nation split into small third world countries. The last remaining states of America formed into what we call today the Warrington States for that is all they know, war. The rest were conquered lands given to Asia’s most trusted allies. Our emperor shared his new found territory with the nations who fought with Asia.
            Though chaos is a natural order trying to mend itself, something good came out of the great fall. Tinsel-Town was created to bring tourists from all walks of life to share and experience the global nation we know today as Asia. Tinsel-Town is a state where all cultures mesh together to depict our history, unity and victory. Tinsel-Town is Asia’s Disneyland for those who remember. Most of Asia’s wealth stems from Tinsel-Town, which makes it highly guarded with strict laws placed by the neighboring Warrington States.
            Many can be learned by the fall of what once was America. Our king reminds us every year as we celebrate those we lost during our victory. Honor is our pride, glory is our throne and though the Warrington States continue to fall, we stand. The world lost a nation only to gain global domination. Asia rules as one while its noble allies thrive. We know no secret elite cult other than the crumbling states struggling to remain illuminated. We know no hidden agenda other than the usual Warrington States plotting for Asia’s demise. The year 3999 is Asia’s year of enlightenment, our reign.
            “Too bias?” Xi asked as he waited for his mother to read his essay.
            “There is nothing bias about this paper,” Sen marveled as she set his paper down, “It’s to the point with immense historical accuracy.” She glanced back at his paper, “I would add how Asia was once only China. Also, briefly explain how China united with Korea, before they were known as North and South Korea. Don’t forget about Japan too. Good use of referencing your facts though.”
            “Are you doing his homework?” Mesakuya objected as she entered Xi’s room. “You said you would be done by then.”
            “I am done.” Xi replied.
            “I’m not doing his homework,” Sen proclaimed, “He asked if I could evaluate his essay.”
            “You had all semester to finish that and just now are you getting it done.” Mesakuya snarled, “The shame! How are we ever going to enjoy this family retreat if both of you are too focused with assignments?” Mesakuya placed Xi’s clothes on his bed and crossed her arms as she waited for an explanation. “We planned this trip for a long time and just now have we been granted the permission from our great emperor to go. I had my sights set on this family vacation for months, please don’t bring work with you.”
            “We were both surprised the king agreed to let us go,” Sen added, “We weren’t expecting a reply from him for another year, remember. But, we shall do as you say. Besides this looks like another ‘A’ for our honorable student.” Sen marveled at Xi’s penmanship while patting him on the back. “Let’s go make some memories!” Sen placed Xi’s paper on his desk as she and Mesakuya exited his room.
            The Woh family packed their bags and began their journey across the great lake, west of Asia. Sen and Mesakuya sat beside each other as they planned their adventures in Little Russia leading up to their final destination, Tinsel-Town. Permission from the great king himself was needed in order to travel out of Asia for the Warrington States threat was imminent. Their threat was futile for the Warrington States held no power, but they were persistent in vain.
            Xi listened to his muse as the Atlantic shimmered underneath. He glanced towards the horizon, intuitively watching the scenery change from sea to land. As the plane landed in Azteca, they were off to begin their trip to Little Russia. Astonished were his eyes everywhere he turned. So this was Florida, Xi thought, how time has changed. The history of America lay fresh in his mind for he has learned plenty during his studies. He took his phone and opened an app containing the history of America. He skimmed through its digital content as he searched for information on Florida, now known as Azteca.
            “Xi, put that away.” Sen asked before Mesakuya could. “You know your mother has been anticipating this trip, let’s not bring her mood down, okay?” Xi hesitated as he tucked his phone in the back of his pocket. Together, they entered a crowded narrow street market where everything from the past to the distant past is valued at a price. Ancient stones from the war are sold for pennies. Murals depicting the fall are held at public auctions and books telling of scarring pasts are priceless.
            The market was packed with people wondering corner to corner, trying out the latest technology. Tall wide transparent tubes concealed people as they entered into holographic realms, projected into another world. Glasses framed interactive talking moving pictures. Hover boards and children on jet packs soared through the air. A lot has happened since the new birth, all worth wild. Xi’s turn to travel into a holographic universe was next. Sen and Mesakuya stayed behind as they examined a talking three dimensional mural on the other side.
            Before long, they were out walking past a bookstore cornered nearby. Xi instantly bought a book titled America the Great and began to read its pages. Sen and Mesakuya entered a private auction while Xi remained outside, reading in a small bench. With every page came pouring new revelations. Never had he read of the old America like this. America, portrayed as the hero and not the villain. Xi analyzed the book cover once more, debating in his head whether the book was based on facts or pure fiction.
            “America,” came a distant voice nearing from the crowd, “The Great? There was nothing great about this shit hole in the first place.” Xi closed the book and followed the voice. “Names Nina, nice to meet you.” She extended a hand to greet him. “You alone? On vacation? Where you from?” She bombarded him with questions as she sat next to Xi. “Catching up on your history? You must be a Scholar. How far do you have until your diploma Master Yoda?”
            “My name is Xi,” he replied, bewildered by the barrage of questions at hand. “I’m waiting on my parents.” He collected himself, “I’m on my last year actually. Getting real close to that diploma. Then I’ll have to get two more before completing my degree. You?”
            “I dropped out.” Nina answered carelessly. “I got too cool for school, as they used to say.” She reclined while soaking in the sun.
            “What did your parents say?” Xi questioned.
            “Nothing. They’re dead.” Nina replied casually.
            “I’m sorry to hear that.” Xi apologized. “I didn’t…”
            “Of course you didn’t,” Nina answered. “No one does until they ask.”
            “You here on vacation then?” Xi inquired, changing the topic.
            “No.” Nina asked, “Why are you?”
            “You want to ditch this place and go somewhere cool?” Nina suggested as she inched herself closer to Xi. “I know a place where we could go. Its tons of fun.”
            “I don’t know.” Xi debated, “I’m with my mothers.”
            “So tell them you found a spot you can chill,” Nina informed. “With people your age.” Xi turned to a shop, anticipated for someone familiar to appear. “Come on, it’s one hundred percent illegal and all exclusive.” Xi analyzed his chances then made a decision. He quickly sent a brief message to his mothers informing them of his whereabouts then followed Nina’s lead. It wasn’t long before Xi received a message on his phone from his mothers allowing him his adventures.
            Nina took Xi far away from the market. They crossed a garden hidden above a hill when Xi began to hear where Nina was taking him. Music echoed in the distance as they approached Nina’s spot. Loud built-up angst screamed in the air as people danced, paraded and played. “We call this joint Motanos,” Nina began, “By the smell of it.” Xi felt a slight breeze and smelled what she had mentioned, a sweet floral aroma with an undertone of burnt grass. His nerves eased, his stress calmed and his worries melted the deeper they went.
            A junk yard full of rusted cars and purged shops scattered throughout the wasteland as rebels rioted in their mischief. Xi couldn’t help but to smile as Nina held his hand through the valley of the youthful dead. Neon graffiti murals colored the vastness. She was his guide in a new cruel world. A world long gone sold by another. A world he was a part of. “These are my dogs.” Nina introduced a group of wild boys. They held their love interest close while gulping alcohol and inhaling blunts. “They’re harmless until they need to be but don’t worry I’ll never send my dogs after you.”
            Xi introduced himself to the others as he and Nina settled in a torn down limo. The boys didn’t ask many questions nor did Xi. The music infused with their laughter muffled their conversations. The festival marched on as Xi and Nina communicated. “This place is all new to me. Research and experience are all two different things. The rich history this part of Asia possesses are inspiring and haunting all at the same time. The history of the native people would become the history of the American people in time, who knew?”
Xi noticed Nina seemed bothered as he finished. “Do you guys live around here?” Xi later asked, changing the subject.
            “We don’t have a home, Scholar.” Nina finally answered as one of her friends passed the blunt to her. “We are homeless,” she paused, “We make everywhere our home. We purge the lands as we make our stand. We roam as freemen with no rights. It’s what makes us bold, brave and tough. You won’t find any other race like us because we are all that’s left.” Xi seemed intrigued. “We are the last descendants of the old past. We savage the ruins because this land still belongs to us, Americans.”
            In an instant, Xi stood up and walked away from Nina. Nina’s friends did the same, only they were armed. “What?” Nina asked calmly, “Did I say something? What’s up, Scholar?”
            “Nothing,” Xi played it cool, “It’s just your kind aren’t welcomed in the Asian kingdom of Azteca. I mean, it’s our law; my…”
            “Outsider,” Nina’s friend interrupted. “He’s one of them.”
            “It’s cool, Cero.” Nina calmed him down. “Put the blade away.”
            “He’ll have us deported or worse.” Cero cried urging the rest to take his side. “You brought an outsider to our sanctuary, you know the rules Nina. We have to kill him.” Xi stepped back with arms up, pleading for his life.
            “No one is killing anyone,” Nina replied as she stood in front of Xi, “Put that blade away! He’s harmless, he won’t go to the authorities. He’s chill, be chill Cero.” She then turned to Xi ignoring the sharp blade aimed towards her, “You won’t have us arrested for being in our own land, would you?” She asked Xi.
            Xi looked around, feeling cornered to a wall. “It’s my duty to keep my nation secure from illegals.” Three other guys blocked Cero from killing Xi on the spot while Nina remained facing him. “Your people lost this land, and like the natives, you are no longer welcomed in it.” He paused as he felt the group side with Cero. “Nina, you must understand, please don’t let them kill me. You’ll be charged with murder, if deportation is not enough to lock you away.”
            “You know what,” Nina began, “For a Scholar, you sure are ignorant. How can you be enlightened with wisdom and still hold a mentality to that of a bigot? We aren’t dangerous people, Xi, we are simply born in a time where our kind crawl in the mud while your people walk on silk air. Scholars were meant to improve this world not ruin it. I may not have been well educated but I at least know when someone is wrong.”
            “Nina, please.” Xi plead.
            “You want to know where we live?” Nina asked. “We live in a third world country where there is hardly any food to eat. We live in a rape culture society where it is socially acceptable to take any woman any man wants. We live where people are bred to work and not live. Is that what you want for us, for me?” Nina locked eyes with Xi, “Dig deep in that enlightened mind of yours and ask yourself who the real bad guys are.”
            “Your people took our land, our freedom,” Cero added, “You took our rights!”
            “Then leave. We took only what belonged to us to begin with.” Xi defended himself and the honor of his people. “Asia invested heavily in America expecting to receive the same generosity. We were patient but never received recognition. Your president declared war over us, if you remember correctly. We might have not started the war but we sure as hell finished it, honorably.” Xi turned to Nina in hopes of her seeing his perspective.
            “You’re standing on a thin wire Xi,” Nina replied, “Don’t forget where you stand. Maybe I was wrong about you. Maybe seeing you hold the history of my people in your hands made me see the good in you but now I see you are just like them, a sheep reaching the peak of faux-enlightenment; all the while denying the existence of others. People like you don’t deserve a place in this world and we are here to make sure of that.”
            Nina sent her dogs against Xi. The others let Cero go so he could do his duty. Motanos was a secret spot unknown by the Asian authorities where illegals seek refuge from their starving crumbling country. Nina and her gang were the rebels the authorities placed a bounty on. Nina and her gang were the few who threatened the Asian reign in the western world. They were the people Xi’s emperor sought as weak and unworthy. Xi would later know the misery and pain of the American fallout as Cero took his blade and sought justice for his people.