Friday, March 14, 2014

Time Jump

         2000 years from Now… “International News Live, Sara Christo reporting 20 feet beneath Washington D.C.” An enthusiast journalist began as she broadcast an end of a nation. She steadied her microphone as the helicopter balanced it's course from the turbulence brought by the fire growing underneath. Her eyes screamed in horror as thousands upon millions of echoes vanished in the inferno. The world listened as they watched a nation burn to ashes. “An atomic bomb exploded in the capital, sending a blaze of nuclear destruction across the United States consuming the entire North and South American continent; incinerating the two nations into smithereens.”
         “Millions are known to be dead,” She continued as the camera lens zoomed into the fire. Footage of the unprecedented catastrophe incinerating in the flames of the atomic destruction sent horror to the viewers at home. Today’s news turned grim. “The UN has issued a national state of emergency and has sent the National Guard along with the embassy’s military for aid. No known attacker has been identified but sources say terrorist may be involved.”

          Now… “But does it work?” Asked the stubby little scientist, examining what has been presented before him. He secretly judged and took mental notes as he analyzed the remarkable invention. A helmet, of all things, sat on the table before three astonishing men whom stood hovering. One anxiously anticipating the others reply. Before them, a network of thin metallic rods intertwining with each other spread across the table, spilling onto the floor leading a trail to a massive computer. Patches of long thin wires were hooked onto the helmet connecting it to the computer that recorded its data.
          “What if by focusing on a distant memory and meditate on it, your subconscious mind could take you to that place? You're subconscious now would travel to your subconscious then, you're already there only you're here traveling to there. It may not work but it’s a step in the right direction,” the inventor began, “You see, by connecting the cerebral main brain to the computer’s core system, my assistant and I are able to run the numbers and in theory travel through time.” He paused as he noticed the scientist seemed more interested in his device than in his theory. “We haven’t run the procedure full course so we’ve yet to see any results. Everything is still in theory, as it stands. You see, we aren’t a hundred percent sure what the outcome may be. My concern lies in deciphering whether I’ll end up stuck between two walls or buried in rubble? The possibilities are infinite if you think about it.”
          “What do you think of me, a fool?” Spat the scientist. “Time travel is and will forever remain a theory. Power such as that must never fall in the hands of simple minded men. Power, Mr. Wonders, is man’s greatest weakness. Take the government for example, they deceive the people, the very foundation to their power, and turn average citizens into starving criminals. Then they justify their crimes with good intentions. They flawed their system then complain why everyone else continuously try to do the same.” He paused, “I take my work real serious and I'd advise you not to waste my time or yours any longer with such childish nonsense.”
          “No, no, please, you must understand,” begged the inventor, Mr. Wonders; the man who solved times tricky riddle. “If you could just separate politics and science for one second. The facts are staring you right in the face, look,” he showed the scientist his data once again, stating his claims and validating his theories. A set of series of infinite letters and numbers generating an advanced intricate vocabulary scribbled throughout the paper, solving a calculated time jump. A multitude of information overload bunched into little sections scattered across the paper puzzled yet fascinated the doubtful science man.
          “What kind of illusion material have you produce,” he finally asked, further analyzing the paper he held. “My God, have you been wasting your time on this? Mr. Wonders, if you ever wish to advance in the field of science machinery, you must develop a far more useful device than this mere sheet of cleverly formulated illusionist paper; of all preposterous silly little things.” He then took the focus back to the helmet that sat on the table before them, a far more suited construction worth his time; he thought. “This cerebral contraption, what exactly does it do?”
          “It’s my ship.”
          “Don’t toy with me Mr. Wonders for my patience is running extremely thin.”
          “Let me explain,” The inventor began, “By strategically inserting these wires into certain spots of the cerebral main brain, I will be able to be transported into the future or the past determining on the calculations my assistant submits to the computer.” The scientist seemed lost. “I can see you’re not following, because of this,” he gestured to the helmet then the computer, “I may be able to visit a time I no longer exist. Like I’ve said before, the answer is there only you have debunked it as an illusion.” The scientist noticed he still held the paper, a peculiar little thing riddled in words produced by numbers, letters and all sorts of hieroglyphics.
          “The computer is the captain and the helmet is the ship.” He finished. “Now, with my assistant’s help, I’ve come to find the right formula that will take me as far as 2000 years into the future. It’s a stretch but it’s a start.” He stopped to think of what he was about to propose, “If this works, I may be able to walk with our descendants and experience the impossible like never before; go where no man has ever gone. I must say, though, I am a little nervous for I am most aware and will try to prevent a paradox effect. Such a creation can alter time and space completely, I know.”
          “You’re a mad man for believing you can change history,” protested the scientist.
          “What do you care, you’ve convinced me you don’t believe.” He replied.
          “So then what, you expect me to stand by and let you alter the fabric of space, time and all reality?” He paused for an answer, but received nothing in return. The scientist aimed for the helmet but was too slow. Both the assistant and the inventor grabbed then dragged the scientist out of their laboratory. “You can’t do this.” He protested, desperately trying to free himself of their grip. “You’re making a mistake,” he continued, “You’ll be affecting the whole of reality. Come to your senses, both of you!”
          “It’s the price I’ll have to pay.” The doors closed with the frantic scientist trying desperately to stop him from altering history itself. Mr. Wonders prepared himself for the ride. The cold cerebral headpiece pierced his scalp as the thin needles dug into his brain. His assistant stood by the towering computer inserting the formulas, equations, and series of symbols. The machine began to run with the press of a button. The assistant turned as he watched the inventor rattle veraciously, a many side effects of jumping through time.
          He was gone in a blink of an eye, flying through time and space as his body stretched from miles end until his atoms tore into thin microscopic pieces. His bones scattered in the changing matter, his organs froze and his mind felt the pressures of traveling faster than the speed of light. Straight through realities worm hole then down its dark corridors of the unknown he disappeared. His head throbbed at every turn. Hoping he would soon reach his destination, a distant light appeared in the mist of the worm holes vastness. Images appeared in hazy particles stacking on top of each other until they formed moving stationary objects.
          Unbeknownst to the traveler and his assistant, they had missed one key element in successfully traveling through time. What they failed to calculate in their experiments was jumping through different dimensions in time causes a nuclear atomic reaction. Traveling at such extreme velocity creates a tear in the fabric of space, releasing an abundant amount of energy at impact. Mr. Wonders would fail to see his plan come into fruition. Once he arrived 2000 years into the future, he created a miscalculated apocalypse ending a nation in his tracks.