Wednesday, November 22, 2017

La Maldición

             People never liked me but I always won them over, one way or another. Life was one big bully and I was its favorite punching bag. I kept to myself, minded my own business and I did as I was told; until I grew old enough to realize I didn’t have to. And why should I? Most functioning adults barely even know what they are doing some of the time. I didn’t have that many friends and those I called friends were acquaintances at best. Over time, the friends I accumulated would become the reason why you are reading this.
            As I mentioned before, I was the type of person who would keep a distance from the crowd. It is better to walk alone than with a herd of people going in the wrong direction, or so we are told. I kept to myself and minded my own business. Because of that I was teased, humiliated and beat by those who viewed themselves as important. Their words never phased me because that’s all they were, words. Their fits, on the other hand, left burses but those faded eventually. Psychologically, what was meant to break me only made me stronger from within.
I took their beatings and swallowed their words but in the end they knew they couldn’t break me, though they tried relentlessly. As we grew older, they realized I was unbreakable, so they hung around. Made me a part of their team even though it was they who hung out with me and not the other way around. As much as they wanted a taste of my company, I kept them at a distance. I was cordial with those who once were my enemies because I’m not an animal, I raised myself to be better than that.
Once I graduated into the real world, fear feared me for I was molded to be that way. People like me, those who have deep roots, can’t be shaken down. We don’t submit or bow to no one. Someone like me doesn’t last long out in the real world, for that very reason. My family told me, my relatives (who I thought cared about me) told me. Even co-workers told me. I was forewarned of the future that lay before me but it didn’t matter. I had but one reply to all the nay sayers, “And why not?”
Why can’t someone like me last in this crumbling, self-destructive world? Do people not pray for miracles? Are those in need not pleading for salvation? Why can’t someone like me make it to the end? Others have done so in the past, many in fact. Not just a hundred few or a selected million, I’m talking nation wide numbers. I knew that their warnings were just their level of consciousness that had nothing to do with mine. I am no one to change their mind but my own. The world is changed by our example not opinion.
All of this came into synchronicity the moment I met La Maldición, more specifically the moment they met me. It happened like any other day, nothing unusual or random. There I was, minding my own business at the park; on my only day off. I sat by the bleachers since no one was using the court, munching out on junk food when a group of juveniles approached me. I figured they were going to play some ball so I left but one of them called for my attention.
I paid no mind to his holler but he was persistent. They reeked of weed and their eyes were blood red. “You gonna share some or what?” I was surrounded before I could make an exit, so I sat back down where I was. “Those are my favorite too, man. And I’m starving as fuck.” I tossed him the bag of chips, thinking nothing of it. The bag was passed around and mid empty by the time they gave it back. “What you doing out here by yourself? Don’t you know it’s dangerous to be out here on your own?”
“Man you got some jokes,” I laughed.
“Now I’m serious!” He commented, with a serious face; high as ever. “There’s a war you don’t know about. One of our homs got caught in the middle of it.”  He sat beside me, “I’m telling you because someone like you can be next.” He examined me, sizing me up, “You look like a walking target, don’t get me wrong. I’m sure you are a good person and that’s why I’m telling you this. Good people don’t last long in this world.”
“Well I’m still standing.”
“The hell you are.” He laughed, the others joined in. “You alright. Listen, we gonna hit up one of my boys crib and turnt up. Let’s go.” As much as I should have said no, no matter what I said, the invitation was more of a demand. Every time I dismissed his invite, he didn’t acknowledge it. I had to join them as if I had no other choice. On the way, I got to know their names. For the most part, Anton was the leader. The rest were just sheep.
“You read and shit don’t you.” Anton repeated as we got to know each other. “You some scholar hippy? You look like one. You gonna die once you meet Soul. He knows about everything to do with psychedelics. He has connections, knows people. His mind has been awaken to everything and everyone. He’s been out there, man. Touched the sun and bathed in the moonlight. He lost his mind long ago, he’s balanced as fuck and enlightened.”
I laughed, outside and in, because all I wanted to do was leave but somehow I figured they were meant to cross my path. Anton hyped Soul so much, I felt as if I knew him and we were barely half way to his house. Soul lived far from the city and isolated from everyone else, it seemed. Most of the kids who hung out with Anton went their separate ways during the journey. It felt as if they didn’t make the cut or weren’t welcome to met the famous Soul Anton kept preaching about. I laughed even more realizing they were all Souls friends.
“What’s so funny?” Anton spoke, agitated.
“My bad,” I replied, “I do that a lot.”
“What? Laugh at yourself?”
“Yeah,” I answered. “It’s who I am. I’m weird like that.”
“Man Soul is gonna fuck you up with his shit, I’m telling you.” Anton commented. “Real funny dude too.” The cab made a few stops as more of Antons friends left. By the time we arrived to Souls house, it was just me and Anton. The cab driver didn’t know where to go for there were no roads leading to Souls home. Anton paid the driver as he stopped in some dirt road. I watched the cab disappear back into the city, amazed at how far I’ve traveled.
Trees consumed most of the city from where we stood. Lights peeked above the tree tops while the tall buildings blinked as the wind revealed them occasionally hiding among the branches. Few homes scattered down the road, leaving acres of land between them. We weren’t completely isolated but it sure felt that way, real peaceful too. As the sun set and the night rose, Anton lead me to Souls house. Anton beamed with life the more he talked about Soul. Its as if Soul woke something within Anton for Anton to marvel at Soul. Its almost as if Soul was Anton’s God.
We followed a trail deep within the trees, leading up to Souls house. “Just be yourself, you know.” Anton suggested. “Soul will know if you’re full of shit. I may not see it, but he will. He knows everything. And don’t bother lying, he’ll know if you do. He’s woke like that.” We stopped abruptly, “Listen, you seem like a chill dude. Knowing Soul, he’ll probably be chill with you too. He’s not the type of person to be chill with just anyone. If things go right, he’ll even open up and tell you shit you never dreamed of. He’s dope that way.”
Anton took his phone and sent a message to, I’m assuming, Soul. Minutes later Anton received a text message informing him to head to the back. Souls house was big and made of wood. His porch was the perfect spot to sit and chill during any day. Peaking through the open windows, I noticed Soul had collected many fancy things. His couch were made of leather. A huge flat screen TV was surrounded by stereos and movies. I couldn’t tell more because we never made it inside his home, but everything seemed expensive.
The backyard was even more luxurious than the front porch. Christmas lights hung in the patio of his backyard with a pool big enough for a community. Lights trailed around the pool and underwater, perfect for a romantic swim. Soul sat under the stars as he smoked a blunt. I envied him for his life seemed perfectly balance. “Anton, what you brought for me today?” Soul began. Anton reached for his pocket and took a fist full of hundred bills. “And the goldmine you talked about?”
Anton turned to me and introduced us, “This is Mil, the scholar hippy I told you about. Written books and shit.” I was stunned for it took me a while to piece the subtle hints. Goldmine? Was Anton talking about me to Soul while we were getting to know each other? Why Anton hand Soul that much cash? How did Anton get that much cash? I didn’t believe it at first but I was in the company of a drug dealer. Not just any drug dealer, at that.
Soul gestured for us to join him as he rolled another blunt. “So you got any Acid? Mushrooms? Or is weed all you have?” I blabbered, not realizing who I was in company with. Soul turned to me in amazement. “I mean, not that it’s bad if that’s all you got I’m just asking since there’s drugs present and I wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity for some.” Soul laughed, making Anton join him unexpectedly. “Is that Stativa or Indica?”
“This will help you hear what others don’t.” Soul answered as he stopped what he was doing and took another tray. He picked up an already made blunt and sparked it up. He took two deep hits before passing it on to Anton. Anton did the same while I remained fixed on the stars above us. “You into all that spiritual journey shit too?” He took his hits and passed the blunt to Anton again. I nodded, not sure what he was referring to.
“People like that sort of high.” I replied. “I like it because it’s calming and it makes me laugh.”
“If you’re not careful,” Soul warned, “People can take advantage.” There it was, that same forewarning I keep ignoring. Souls comment made a shift of my perspective about him, along with everyone else. “I tell you this because things like that happen.”
“True.” I agreed. “If you’re with the wrong crowd. That’s why it’s important to be with people you are comfortable with when doing those kind of drugs, or so I’ve been told.” Soul and Anton glared at each other. “I’ve been witnessed to that too, luckily I was with responsible people at the time. Like I said, you have to be with people who will lift you up and not drag you down.” I paused, “Besides, no one wants to be around negativity when the acid hits.”
“One must be shaken, frightened, in order to experience the unimaginable.” Soul regurgitated. “Let me tell you something,” he leaned in, “Where I’m from, people take those kind of drugs you’re looking for to have some sort of vision, trip. The kind of people I roll with dabble in the arts. You, you’re just a kid playing with fire. You have no idea of the things people are capable of. You’re ignorant of the magick around you.”
“Why be forced to see things when you can be encouraged to see them naturally?” I replied. “With a sober mind. I hear what you are saying, and I’m not saying you are wrong. I’m just adding a different perspective on your ideology. Yes, when forced into climbing a high you’ll eventually get there but the results will be based on someone’s inception.” I continued, “But when you are encouraged to do it on your own, just imagine what results those will be.”
After a few skips, Anton turned to Soul for confirmation to hand me the blunt. I simply stared at the night sky, not knowing or caring whether Soul would approve; I wasn’t there for anyone’s approval. Anton handed me the blunt after his turn and I took two small hits. By the third round, I was beginning to feel out of place. My body relaxed, my mind spaced out and my surroundings synchronized. The high was everything Soul had mentioned prior to the beginning.
Shapes took form in the darkness beyond where we sat. The howling wind whispered things in my ear. Anton and Soul kept looking at each other as if they were plotting. My paranoia took the best of me so I laughed, I couldn’t help it. Soul mentioned he had a bad full of acid and from what I could remember, he might have offered some. At that point, my mind was gone so I wasn’t too sure. “All I know is,” I ignorantly answered, “Is that every time I take acid, I’m constantly laughing and in a good mood. Mushrooms just relax me.”
“So what do you think?” Anton spoke to Soul as if I weren’t there. “Do I beat the shit out of him?” I laughed again, not knowing what he was referring to. “He’s beneficiary. Could know more than what he leads us to believe. We gonna have to baptize him.” Soul turned to me seemingly lost at what they spoke about. My smile reflected onto him and said nothing. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was making good with the boss of drug dealers; or at least the alpha in the city where I live.
“Beat the shit out of me?” I blurred out. “Right, because life hasn’t done that already.” They both laughed unexpectedly.
“He’s chill.” Soul told Anton. “You’re a good person." He said to me. "Good people don’t last long in this kind of world, be thankful you’re still around. Someone like you doesn't exist at all. People will be after you, just know that.” He took a hit. “Keep winning them over and you’ll eventually find your way to where you want to be. It’s all about persistancy but you’ve been through some things, I see that about you, and you’re still here. Laughs and all.”
We ended the night with one last blunt. We hung out at Souls backyard for a while, talked more about the trips he’s been through, all the kind of substance he’d devoured. It was then when I knew who he was and the kind of business he deals with. I wasn’t phased at all, for the most part I gained a source to my kind of poison. I left without his number but I knew I left them wanting more of my company. I was welcomed to visit Soul any time, as a matter of fact.
One thing that stood out the most from that night was Souls warning that I’ve been receiving from everyone else. People will be after you, Souls comment kept repeating in my head on my way back to my apartment. People have always been after me, that was the funny part; or at least to me. Yet, I’m still alive, grateful and humbled as ever. I grinned as I climbed the stairs to my home and I thought to myself. Don’t all alphas have that problem?

Monday, October 30, 2017


Midnight struck on Hallows Eve. A change in the air left an uneasy feeling no one could escape. Lights lit the streets for those wandering in the night. Fog crept in ever corner, masking the real from the paranormal. As the veil to the other side thinned, spirits roamed into the physical realm searching, haunting. One little quite town would soon be awaken by the screams of sirens rushing to aid some incident caused by an unknown force.
Children were tucked into bed. Outside lights were kept on to ward off any unwanted guest. Everyone was prepared for tomorrow’s yearly celebration. The night fell silent as they slept. The crescent moon glowed strange and majestic as ever. “Don’t forget to turn on the nightlight.” One innocent child requested as his mother kissed him goodnight. “Mom, you know I can’t sleep without the nightlight.” His mother hesitated before giving in. She sat beside him, one last time.
“You’re too old for that.” His mother replied. “You know there’s no such thing as monsters hiding under your bed. Those sounds you hear at night is just the house creaking from the wind. This is your room,” she added. “Why would all of a sudden there’d be creatures hiding once the lights go off? You’re too bright to believe in ghost.” His mother reasoned with him but his imagination was stubborn. His mother flicked the switch. The room became a circus of swirling stars lighting the darkness to his consciousness.
She stood, exited the room, then turned to him one last time before closing his door. He laid there, in his bed waiting for his thoughts to quiet down. The house creaked from the wind, just as his mother said. His closet door rattled, or so he thought. As the nightlight kept the monsters away, he pondered. He questioned in every dark corner what kind of creature could be hiding in his room. Slowly, his eyes felt heavy. Steadily, his imagination lead him to dream when a tap on the window woke him up.
He was quick to call for his mother but he noticed a branch from a nearby tree tap on his window. Relieved, he laid back in his bed and trailed back to his dream. He closed his eyes and silenced his mind. Unknowingly, his nightlight began to flicker. They flickered until the small light bulb turned off. Another tap in the darkness echoed in his room. He dismissed the tapping until they became louder. He opened his eyes to find himself laying in the dark. As he sat up the light bulb flickered back on.
He was not alone or at least he wouldn’t be. He called for his mother but a tapping on the window caught his attention. Without hesitation, he bolted for the door. He twisted it open but the door was sealed. More tapping echoed in his room. His things began to rattle, from his desk to his toys. Panic raced in his mind as he crawled back to his bed. He took his blanket and covered himself from whatever harm came his way. Unknown to his awareness, the door to his room opened to some mysterious guest creeping towards the light beside him.
Heavy breathing lingered near. A foul stench filled his room. He trembled from fear. A print at the end of his bed forced him to see who was in his room. As he removed the blanket, a grim half dead half alive skeleton sat at the corner of his bed reaching towards him. It’s haggard appearance would make anyone shriek from fright, at first sight. He screamed for his mother, for his father; for anyone alive. His yell seeped into the neighborhood awakening everyone near by. When his mother entered the room, a pale child crouched in the corner stared back at her with sunken frightful eyes.
The following day, he did not attend school though he was on everyone’s conversation. His close friends were just as shocked to hear of last night blunder of terror. Rumors spread like wildfire as everyone pieced the puzzle together. No one had a clue or stuck to the official story. They all just assumed the worse but they were all intrigued. They all wanted to know what actually happened while believing their own fallacies. Most of all, they wanted the same experience.
“I heard he saw the tape.”
“That’s just a movie.” Rebecca replied. “Loser.”
“Yeah but every horror story is based on some actual incident.” Nathan added.
“What do you think made him turn pale?” Axle asked. “He must have seen something so frightening, we’re talking out of this world scary stuff, blow your mind paranormal entity that’ll make your hair turn white thing.” He turned to his friends. “You guys, let’s not kid ourselves. Dorian must have seen something that made his parents send him to the hospital late in the hours of the night.” His friends remained silent.
“My mom told me it happened during the witching hour.” Aba spoke. “That is said to be the time when the veil to the other side lifts. Dorian may have been visited by some malicious spirit or spirits, it being Hallows Eve and all.” She paused, “Dorian’s mother couldn’t even recognize him when she found him crouched in the corner. My mother said there was something wrong with his eyes.” They remained silent.
The bell rang abruptly, instructing them to head back to class. They laughed for a moment as they noticed fear in each others face. They dispersed to their separate classrooms while Aba and Nathan walked to the library. They spoke of Dorian’s attack like they were detectives solving a case only they could solve. Each had their own points as if they were evidence. What they wanted, secretly, was to invite the same entity into their space; if not something more sinister.
“We can speculate all we want.” Nathan finished. “We might never know what actually happened to Dorian. He could have just had an episode for all we know. He is a very impressionable kid. We all are, we’re only preteens.” He noticed Aba had something to add but she remained silent, attentive. “Then again, you were right what you said back there. It happened during the witching hour, on Hallows Eve at that. Strange things seem to happen more often when those two combine.”
“I read somewhere.” Aba mentioned. “That the reason spirits come to our world is because they are lost in theirs. They are simply searching for that heavenly light so they can be at peace.” She turned to Nathan, “Dorian sleeps with his nightlight. Don’t tell anyone!” She stared back to the trail they were following. “Maybe that’s what happened. A spirit, ghost, entity, whatever came across Dorian’s nightlight and was reaching towards the light because it mistook it for heaven.”
“Maybe spirits aren’t malicious at all.” She ended. “Maybe they become that way because they’ve been lost for so long searching for heavens gate. Who wouldn’t?” Nathan left Aba at her classroom. “Maybe spirits aren’t that different from us humans after all.” Nathan questioned more possibilities in regards to Dorian’s late night trip to the hospital. All day, that’s all anyone talked about. Speculations became rumors and rumors became the truth.
Once night fell on Halloween, monsters of all ages, real or fake, stepped out into the world. Trick or treating lasted until midnight sprung about. Like before, everyone prepared to fall asleep. Doors were closed and locked. Outside lights were kept on to ward off unwanted guest. Lights from the streets lit the way for anyone wandering in the late hours of the night. “All set?” a loving mother asked as she tucked her small child in. “Brushed your teeth and everything?” She kissed her daughter goodnight and left her room. “Aren’t you too old to have your nightlight on?”
“I want it on.”
Her mother laughed before closing the door. She bothered not to make it a thing, she figured her daughter would grow out of it eventually. As another night settled and silence swept the town one remained awake, aware. She laid in her bed and waited. She kept thinking about the stories she heard in school and wondered if they were true. So, she waited. She waited for strange sounds to come creeping out of her closet or rattles shaking her bed. She waited until she dozed off into sleep.
No unwanted or unseen visitor came that night. She wasn’t abruptly woken by some tapping or sudden shadow standing by her bed post. No heavy breathing made her feel unease. She felt no presence but that of her comfortable bed. Someone, off in another neighborhood was visited by the abnormal and they weren’t alone. More visitors came, they came because they were guided by the lights left on. They are the cause of the things that go bump in the night.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


            World’s away, in an alternate universe, a school of juveniles gathered in a gymnasium built for athletes. Beaming lights over their heads bamboozled their perceptions, discombobulated their awareness. They did not know where they were or how they got there. They simply knew they were in for a rude awakening. The ceiling counted down the minutes to zero. No one gave instructions or set certain guidelines. There were no objectives or missions. The rules were simple, stay alive.
Our heroes had little time to formulate a plan as the clock counted down. The walls began to shake. The ground trembled with excitement. They all looked around, searching for some clue as to what they were meant to do but they couldn’t see a thing. The beams over their heads were too blinding. The clock kept ticking. Our team of young warriors prepared themselves for a sprint among a gauntlet of confusion. Once the clock reached zero, the lights leveled. All was revealed.
Weapons lay on the floor. Forts stood far but within reach. Walls kept them close and the ceiling watched their every move. A loud buzzer ordered them to begin whatever it is they think they should do. Some ran towards the weapons scattered around, others took to the forts; all were the wrong decisions. Those who armed themselves with weapons were engulfed into flames. The forts toppled down as soon as anyone stepped inside, killing them instantly. The remaining few learned they needed nothing to continue on to the next phase of the game.
The ground shook them to their knees as the tiles spread apart. They levitated into the air, revealing a pit of endless light. Few screamed to their deaths as they disappeared into the white abyss. Others slipped and hung in midair, desperate to remain in the game. Some stood their ground, determined to stay alive. “Look out noob.” One commented. “The masters are on to you.”  The tiles rearranged themselves into steps. Those who could not hold on slipped and fell. The rest got to their feet and climbed to the top.
“What’s going on?” Ion asked as he ran beside his opponent.
“Don’t bother pretending like you don’t know the game.” Victor answered. “Those who try to be slick are the first to get cut off.” They were mid way to the next phase when the tiles began to fall back to the ground, leaving room for only a selected few at the top.
“What game are you speaking of?” The fight for survival was dealt at the top, were Ions question was answered. Ion and Victor reached the next phase as the last tile fell into the white abyss. They stood and watched as the strong threw the weak off the elevated level. Ion looked down and saw nothing but white light. Only the toughest remained while the weakest dwindled. “Why must we kill each other off? Who are we doing this for?” Ion asked Victor as the rest fought to their deaths. Ion fell to the ground while Victor defended him from the others. It’s almost as if he knew what to do.
“Those who ask are axed.” Victor, the master of masters, replied.
“You?” Ion answered. “You’re behind all of this, aren’t you.” Ion was cornered, he had nowhere to go but down. “That’s how you know about the masters, about this game.” Victor remained silent while he calculated Ions odds. “What’s the end game, Victor? When does it end?”
Those who remained at the top were killed off as they triggered hidden mines, the next phase. “No,” Victor answered, “I’m not the master. I’ve just played long enough to know how to play the game.” Others kept fighting to their deaths, exposing more hidden triggers left by the architects. “You see,” Victor continued, “There are no teams. We are all game to those who watch. We don’t ever die. We simply come back with a blank slate. That’s what makes this game fair.” More triggers exploded in the background.
“We come back to a whole new game in a whole new stage.” Victor looked down into the white abyss, “I learned that the hard way. I lost count after a few revivals but after that I realized why count the days when I can make the days count.”
“Who’s doing this?” Ion asked. “When life’s a game, you always get played. What kind of life is that?”
“That’s just it.” Victor replied. “Why live a dull life when you can make life worth living. Is that not why we ended up here? Is that not why we keep coming back? Why ask questions when you can just boss up?” They were soon the only ones left as the others died off. “If you don’t believe me, just wait until the next batch of kids reach our level. You’ll see. Some might be the same as the last match, some might not. The rules varies from time to time.”
Victor was right. As the next phase began, the same kids from before emerged from the white abyss with different challenges at their disposal. They were allowed weapons this time, with abilities Ion and Victor were not accustomed to. “Looks like the Gods found out about my understanding of their game.” Victor proclaimed. “They're trying to kill me off, I know too much.” Victor and Ion were dodging fatal blows to their heads from the approaching challengers. “Thanks a lot noob.”
The new kids were armed and lethal. They were given abilities found only in fictional stories. Some flew, others morphed. They emitted fire from their palms, ice from their breaths. Water in the air multiplied into tsunamis. The ground tore to pieces by the will of their minds. Victor was spot on. The Gods wanted him dead just so he could come back and die again. Victor knew more than he should but he persevered. He counted their moves, foresaw their train of thought.
Unfortunately, the new kids had just enough power to get the job done. One kid struck a bolt of lightning to Ion knowing Victor would step in. “Damn it Ion, they’re on to us too.” Victor pushed Ion to the edge, nearly missing their deaths. “They’re after us, we’re outnumbered. I can’t save you anymore, noob.” Victor distanced himself from Ion. “I gave you all the information I know about the game. Now it’s up to you to do whatever it is you think you should do. You’re on your own.” Victor ran across the board, dodging fire balls and mystic forces.
Ion turned to face his opponents alone. The new kids teamed up against Ion as they threw their magical powers at him. Tidal waves and force fields. Blazing flames to subzero ice crystals. All aimed at one target, Ion. Like a cat, Ion missed every shot thrown at him. He ducked, spun, and rolled through his trials and tribulations. A spear landed before him, the Gods, it seemed, were impressed and wanted to see more. Ion managed to get close enough to kill the one who kept throwing ice crystals at his chest. The rest weren’t as easy.
At the corner of his eye, Ion noticed Victor wasn’t struggling as much as he was. Victors challengers were dropping like flies. One by one, they fell to the white abyss. Soon, Victor joined Ion as they fought off the remaining super heroes. “Damn,” Victor commented, “No wonder you’re struggling. You got the toughest ones.” With Ions spear, Victor defeated the flame thrower. All the was left was the psychic mystic. “That’s not fair.” Victor continued, “You have an invisible force field, how are we to compete with that?”
“You don’t.” She replied, arrogantly. “That’s the point.”
“Then joins us.” Victor suggested. “Let’s turn the game on them. Let’s make our own rules.”
“Nice try,” she laughed. “We both know there can only be one winner.”
“It’s not about winning!” Ion answered. “It’s about staying alive, without having to go through all this killing.” Ion reasoned with her, “We don’t have play their game, that is what gets us killed. We don’t have to fight to stay alive, we can just live.”
“But what’s the fun in that?” The psychic asked. “You never grow in comfort. It’s the trials and tribulations that make us better. Struggle makes us tougher, powerful. If you don’t want to play the game, then don’t. Let these fool put you out of your misery. Better yet, why don’t I do it for you.”
“Don’t you get it?!” Victor proclaimed. “If you kill us both, others will take our place, if we don’t end up coming back ourselves. You’ll just keep killing and killing until someone stronger comes along and kills you. That’s what this game is all about. You’re just entertaining the watchers, that is the grand prize. There are no winners, just game.” They stood for a moment, analyzing their odds. “We are all just pawns that never made it across the board.”
The next phase of the game came unexpected. Giants stomped about, breaking the ground in half. The tiles gave and fell. Victor, Ion and the psychic plummeted deep into the white abyss not knowing of their fate. They split and disappeared into the white fog never to see each other again. The air blowing through them as they fell was cold and pure. Ion looked around to find nothing but clouds surrounding his every sight. Feeling his end approaching, Ion closed his eyes and waited for the endless pit to reach an end.
Soft, prickling grass tickled Ions face as he opened his eyes. He got to his feet and noticed he wasn’t in a gymnasium anymore. No walls kept him imprisoned. No ceilings counted down the minutes to start an endless bloodbath. Ion was in some world birth in nature. Distant animals called into the wild. Fresh wind rejuvenated his breath. Ion felt new again, whole. He didn’t know how he ended up in this new land nor did it matter. He was alone, he thought, in some real world away from pointless battles or fictitious rules.
Just as Ion dropped his guard, a stampede of approaching juveniles loomed in the distance. They held sticks and stones. Their faces painted in blood. Ion was on the run, not knowing where to go but knew only one thing for certain; stay alive. The game never ended. Like before, the challengers came back with clean slates ready to fight another day for as long as they can. Their lives were never at risk for they would simply return, alive and new. But in a world where nothing ends, who’s next?

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Indigo Ultra

            There, laying in a pool of my own sweat, I awoke from yet another nightmare. My heart screamed in my ear, hammering like crazy. I was out of breath like I had just run a marathon. Shivers ran down my spine as the cold sweat chilled the heat emitting from my body. I sat in my bed, surrounded by my wet sheets in the dark. Someone was coming for me. That’s how my dreams, nightmare, always end; me getting caught in someone’s game.
            The chase felt too real. My dreams were way too vivid. From my feet stomping in the pavement while I escape from men in black suits who somehow end up finding me no matter where I hide to the air scrapping behind me as I run for my life. The street buildings to the blue sky. People posing as ordinary by standers who then turn, become agents that ignite the chase that never ends. It all felt, looked, too real to be unreal. It’s almost as if I were in a simulation to test my resilience.
            Sometimes they capture me other times I end up getting abducted. I always seem to wake up when they begin to run experiments on me, thankfully. Either way, the events that take place in my head, in my imaginary world, feel too real to be passed for dreams. What if they are real, I thought to myself. What if it actually happened, this recurring nightmare, only in another dimension; to another me? One thing was for certain, someone is out to get me.
            My eyes adjusted to the dark as I sat there in my bed. Light coming from the street dimly lit my room while I gathered my thoughts. Something told me they were coming. That feeling I always get that’s never wrong told me, whispered in my thoughts, that they are coming. I didn’t want to believe it but I knew better. Every time I deny that same feeling that tells me its right always end up being right. The more I shook the voice in my head that predicts the truth, the more I knew it was bound to happen.
            I stood and made my way to the window. Off in the distance, sirens echoed beyond my sight. I heard them coming but still hoped I was wrong. If that were them, I thought to myself, I at least have time to prepare. I made my way to the door and blocked it knowing nothing I did would prevent them from barging in, so I unlocked it instead. I thought of places to hide, to go, but knew they would find me; they always did in my dreams. So, I just sat in the living room and waited. I waited for the inevitable to happen.
            The sirens were closer. That voice, that gut feeling, I always get since I could remember was right; but what’s new? They were coming for me only this time it wasn’t a dream. This time, I wouldn’t wake up from their grip if I wanted to or find myself in another place if I shut my eyes then open them again. This time, it was for real. I remained as calm as I could. My dreams, in some twisted way, prepared me for them. I wouldn’t be caught off guard. I’d be ready, prepared, to face any outcome.
            The door opened just as I foresaw. A group of black figures entered, the opposite of what I was expecting. They came not as armed forces but as cautious allies. “I told you he would be expecting us.” One began as they approached me. “We got here just in time. Hey kid, quit pretending and let’s go before they get here.” Knowing what he meant, I stood and did as he instructed. I followed them knowing they weren’t them. “I told you he was the real deal.” Their leader later added as we left my studio apartment.
            We snuck through the fire escape and made our way down to an old minivan stationed in the alley. As we drove off, the sirens became louder until they approached the complex building to my apartment. Red and blue lights whirled around as armed agents quietly stormed the building. I looked back and watched my dream play out in real life. It felt surreal watching fiction become reality but I was use to that. As my apartment disappeared into the night I began to wonder when they would capture me, they always did in my dreams.
            “Have you ever experienced an outcome only you knew the results to?”
            “What?” A young pale girl answered, dreamily confused. She knew nothing of the person sitting before her despite their daily meetings.
            “Have your dreams ever come true?”
            “What?” She replied, unsure of what to say. “What are dreams?”
            “Have you gotten an answer without asking the question?”
            “Is that what they are, dreams?” She asked, still hung up on the last question.
            “Remain focus and answer the question.”
            “Why are you asking me these things? Why am I here, tied to this chair? Where am I?”
            “Do your dreams ever come true?”
            “Please let me go.” She tried to free herself from the bonds that tied her to them but couldn’t.
            “Maybe another session in hibernation will clear your mind.”
            “No, please.” She began to beg, in a state of panic. “Don’t take me back there, don’t let me sleep!” Four men in white entered the room. One sedated her while the others untied her bonds. She couldn’t move but she plead them not to lock her up in isolation. Tears poured from her big alien eyes as she begged them not to take her away. “Yes!” She mumbled. “Yes, to all your questions. Please, don’t take me away! Please!” The four men in white carried her to her cell, despite her pleas.
            The ride to wherever they were taking me was long and quiet. I sat opposite of them as they simply stared at me. I knew that they wanted to ask me something but they kept quiet. It’s almost as if they were expecting me to read their minds. “No, you can’t read minds.” One of them added as they began to unmask themselves. “That’s my job.” Three guys and one girl revealed themselves to me as they gave their introductions. “Not all of us were born with blessing like you and me.”
            “Blessings?” I repeated. “Is that what we, you, call it? Whatever happen to labeling them powers or abilities?”
            “Because we’re not five year olds,” the only girl in the group replied. “You can call me Hack.”
            “Is that your code name, or do you not trust me with your given name?”
            “Pick one.” She answered.
            “Real childish.” I replied. “What should I call you three then?”
            “Call me Dig.” One said.
            “Wire.” The other added.
            “Cyber.” The leader introduced himself. “You can call him Network.” He patted the driver on his shoulder. “We’ll call you Eyes. Don’t bother giving us your name. Not that we don’t trust you, don’t take it personal, it’s more for our own safety and yours.”
            “Say no more.” I replied. “Not like you got in a car with complete strangers or anything.” The tension was unsettling to say the least. “Where we heading? Some underground lair? Underwater dome?”
            “Better,” Wire replied, “We’re headed to one of their facilities.”
            “Fun,” I answered. “Do I get a weapon or am I sitting this one out? Should I put on armor or am I good in just jeans? They’re a bit constricting if I’m going to be running to be frank.” They remained silent. “So what? Should I know some hidden codes, secret gestors? What’s up?”
            “This is the guy you told us about?” Hack nagged. “I thought you said he knew everything. He’s nothing more than some lazy nerd who’s not even qualified to be called a nerd.”
            “Wow, I’m right here you know.” I said. “You know some people talk bad about others when they’re not in the same room as them, it’s called manners.”
            “No, I’m just not two face like that.” Hack snarled.
            “I said he was the key.” Cyber came to my defense. “We’re going to need him if we want to succeed. We have no back up.” Cyber turned to me, “All you need to know is that we’re here to keep you away from them. Judging from your expression, I can tell you know who I’m talking about. That’s how I can read your mind.”
            “Wait, so you can’t literally read minds?” I asked, a bit let down. “You’re just good at reading people?”
            “It’s a blessing most can’t master.”
            “Nothing compared to your blessing though.” Dig added. “You can actually see shit before it happens.”
            “How does that work by the way?” Wire asked, Cyber and Hack listened carefully.
            “To be honest, I’m not sure.” I replied. “Sometimes they come as feelings. Other times they come as answers I never even asked the question to. Sometimes though, they come as voices. It’s confusing and psychotic but they never seem to be wrong. No matter how much I try to deny it, I always end up being right.”
            “You would be the first in our group to actually possess true blessings.” Cyber began. “No one is born anymore, people are created. Well, at least 1% of them are. There are a smaller percentage of people that are born naturally who end up blessed. Those created in science labs are manufactured to be blessed with abilities, as you called them. That’s why they are after you, the government, because your DNA has what they call the organic gold strain.”
            “Dig was fortunate enough to have listened in on their plans to capture you.” Cyber finished. “It was Hack who found your location before they did, even though they found you seconds later.” Nothing he said was new to me. People know, or at least they suspect, there are genetically modified humans. What people don’t know is whether those accusations are true because those allegations are never settled in court. The internet reveals everything regardless without even missing a syllable.
            “None of that matters.” Hack replied. “They have everything they need. DNA samples, face recognition, voice samples, finger prints; everything. If they want you dead, they’ll produce whatever you use on a daily basis that only affects you and others like you. The game is set, there are no more levels. All we can do is find and unite those they are tracking, that’s the only good thing about their agencies; they help us find people like you before they get to them.”
            “How could they have gotten my DNA? I’ve never donated blood or gone to the hospital. How did they get my face, finger print and voice?”
            “You use cell phones don’t you?” Dig answered. “Phones are their main source to get everything they need about you because aside from your wallet, phones are the second most item one carries with them at all times. The government, the military to be precise, manufactures nano technology. They created mosquito robots that take samples of people’s blood. They also inject them with poison that either kills them instantly or slowly.” More accusations the internet already claimed were becoming true.
            “We here.” Network called as he stopped the van.
            “Listen,” Cyber began, “Just stick with me and you’ll be good. Don’t stray or you’ll end up as one of their lab rats. Got it kid?”
            Somehow, I already feel like a lab rat. “You got it boss.”
            Like ninjas, we crept into the enemies home. Armed guards patrolled every corner while beams glazed around. Hack managed to knock one unconscious with her tranquilizer buying us time to enter through the back. The facility was spotless and new. Spacious white marvel walls trailed as far as I could see. Cyber gestured us the opposite of where I was looking. It wasn’t long before the security alarms blazed throughout the halls. We had little to no time to accomplish whatever it was Cyber and his crew wanted to do.
            We were on the run, running from agents who have yet to find us. My dream was becoming a reality before my very eyes. I stopped and turned to one side. I remember this, I thought to myself. I know where to go. Even though I knew nothing of Cyber’s mission, I knew where he wanted to go. “What are you doing Eyes?” Hack screamed, the alarm was louder. Cyber followed me with the rest trailing behind.
            “I told you he was the key.” Cyber briefly added as he passed her. They were following me this time, to some cell locked away for no reason. Shots blocked our way as guards found us. They knew what we were up to. They knew what Cyber wanted, they knew what his mission was. “Eyes, come with me. Wire, Dig keep them distracted.” Cyber took me to another section of the facility with Hack behind us, guarding our backs.
            The narrow hallway Cyber took me gave me a sense of familiarity. It’s almost as if we were destined to take this route. “Wait, I’ve been here before.” I told them. “In my dreams.” I ran without a care, despite the armed guards threat at every corner. Somehow, I knew they weren’t near. I ran until I stood before a door. The door had no labels, just a number code to unlock it. “Hello?” I called, not knowing who I was calling to. Without hesitation, I pressed a series of eight numbers and the door opened.
            Far in the shadows, a young fearful pale girl sat; scared as ever. “You’re safe now. Come with us.” Cyber told her. She stood, debated for a second then stepped into the light. Her hair was long, brown and curly. Her face resembled mine, to her nose and her chin, to her eyes. She was my height, she mirrored my expressions. She could pass for my twin but I had no twin. “No Eyes, she’s not your twin. She’s your clone.”
            We stood face to face, almost mimicking each other from head to toe. “That’s what they do. They clone those who were born with God’s blessing to enhance the ability. They say they do it for the greater good, but the only good they do is for their cause.” I couldn’t believe it. My clone was a girl, staring not at me but at my soul; as I did to hers. “That’s why we must, have to find the rest before they get them because they’ll kill you and clone you to be a better, enhanced version for their control.”
            Shots glazed over our heads as armed guards found our location. Hack kept them away as she instructed us to make a run for it. Cyber lead us to an exit as I held my clones hand. Her touch was like mine only smoother. Our connection felt astronomical. I could see her thoughts and she mine. Flashes of her experience, of my dreams, in their facility ran through my visions mind. I could feel her pain. She looked at me and knew I would protect her as she would protect me. Cyber and I lead her to her liberation as we ran for our lives.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Don't let Them Take Me

They want me dead
They want me 4 my vision, get all in my head
They trynna lure me, clone me, hack me
Can't shake them away!
I wasn't looking 4 this drama 'till they came my way
So now I gotta slay

I knew
That you be out lurking, searching for something new
U make this new age seem like its been over due
Baby u should know not 2 play me 4 some1s fool
I know, see, all ur moves; tool!

They think we all retarded
Can't finish what they started
I'm out here slaying on the dance floor turnt & nasty
They want 2 c me dead
Get all up in my head
But baby nah, I don't play; I came here to slay

They want 2 take me away
Lock me up into the music, turn me all insane
No don't let them take me
They wanna ctrl me
Pls don't let them take me
Pls don't let them, pls don't let them take me

Baby come and get me 'cuz I need u close
They b making zombies with their chemicals
What goes on between us is unethical
Baby we need 2 go

They think we all retarded
They can't finish what they started
I'm here slaying on the dance floor, turnt & nasty
They rather see me dead
Get all up in my head
But baby nah, I don't play; I came here to slay

They want 2 take me away
Lock me up into the music, turn me all insane
No don't let them get me
They wanna ctrl me
Pls don't let them take me
Pls don't let them, pls don't let them take me!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hot for Each Other

Baby do u top
Can u last?
Know sum friends?
I can get adventurous, too

Baby u so rare
Got that stare
And that hair
Can I fall in love with u too

Got my mind on ur body
Got me acting hella naughty
Baby got me by his side
Baby take me for a ride
Strip for the summer
Call me ur lover
Cool by the water
We hot for each other

There is nothing that I wouldn’t try
Come and get me if u want to fly
There is nothing that I wouldn’t try
‘Cuz u + I
We hot for each other

I ain’t got a type
Just a size
U a prize
And I know u measure up too

Baby pull my hair
Get me there
If u dare
I just want to have some fun, with u

Got my mind on ur body
Got me acting hella naughty
Baby got me by his side
Baby take me for a ride
Strip for each other
Go get another
Cool by the water
We hot for each other

I got something that u want to try
Come get me ‘cuz ur my kind of guy
Don’t get scared ‘cuz baby u + I
We can’t deny
We hot for each other

Strip for each other
Got my mind on ur body
Got me acting hella naughty
Baby got me by his side
Baby take me for a ride

Strip for me!
I got something that u want to try
Come get me ‘cuz ur my kind of guy
There is nothing I wouldn’t try
U can’t deny
We hot for each other

Cool down by the water
Come get me ‘cuz ur my kind of guy
There is nothing I wouldn’t try
‘Cuz u + I
We strip for each other
We hot for each other

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


            No, the world did not end. The world did not perish by some nuclear catastrophe. Aliens never invaded to enslave us or to liberate us from ourselves. The world did not run out of its natural resources. There were no chain reactions that sparked world wide lootings. The world did not die. It kept spinning, thriving, striving to some future that was just around the corner. No, the world did not end; it became omnipotent.
            Change started small. Little by little, laws began to restrict basic rights. Freedom became regulated, freedom to bare arms and of speech were sought as weapons against the nation. We were to be governed under the watchful eye of the government as a mean to combat terrorist. To keep us safe from future attacks that still caused fatal casualties. The media never mentioned any objections towards the restrictions, they praised them. We were to abide, no questions asked.
            And why ask? Such an inquiry can and will get you blacklisted. No one dare to question the authority, no one. If they say jump, we say how high. We don’t ask, we just do as we are told. How is that not the norm? Is it not the authority that keep us protected? Do they not keep supply and demand in rotation? Without the government, how are we to remain civilized? These were just a few questions I never cared to speak out loud or get answered.
            I did not care for much, nor needed much or said much. I, like many before me, live a simple life in a simple home and work a simple job. I have never met someone with less than me or more than me. We, as a collective consciousness, have everything the other has. No one is special, gifted or talented. We are one of the same, masters of all trade. We wake, we work, we sleep. That is our cycle, our scheduled way of life.
            “Rise!” The sirens banged as the clock tower struck six. Millions emerge from their beds, half dead asleep. Hoards of bicyclists and motorists pollute the roads as they scurry to their work stations. Everyone had a duty, everyone had a purpose. How else would one expect to get by? At eight in the morning, everyone had clocked in. Obediently, they sat in their cubical and did as they were told.
            Work kept everyone busy, occupied. Management shepherded the assembly line. If anyone skipped a beat or slacked off, they would know. Work prevented people from questioning. Work numbed us to submission. If everyone is too busy working, no one would revolt. No one would ask the right question or form a militia to overthrow the corrupted. We were too entertained with work that we did not notice our freedom be stripped away, little by little. Our only freedom was thinking we had it in the first place.
            With taxes soaring, work was our only savior from debt. Without work, the government would enlist you to their FEMMA camps. We are told the camps are for those unable to work but others tell a different story. Others say the camps are unholy. The camps shelter the undesirables, the criminals and the disable. Some say you are never heard from again once you get enlisted. Torture doesn’t even begin to describe the kinds of acts that have occurred within the camps. One would be so lucky never to fully know.
            Personally, I have never seen the camps. I have only heard of stories and rumors but never witnessed the place first hand. It is they though, the people who spread such a conspiracy, who are never seen from again. No one question where they went or what caused them to disappear in such a manner. No one file them as missing or ask their family or inner circle of their whereabouts. No one really care to ask or wonder. We simply do as we are told. You have to if you want to live. We wake, we work, we sleep. Simple.
            Simple gets you by. Being ordinary is considered dangerous. Simple, on the other hand, lets you survive. You live without fear, without a target on your back. You live without a constant reminder that you are being watched. You get to make it to 60 and if you are lucky maybe even more. If you strive for plain you get more out of life. Most aim for simple because simple doesn’t raise suspicion.
            The only way to get by in life is to keep your head down, work, sleep and do as you are told. If you start to ask why, if the thought just so much as crosses your mind for a split second, they will know. You will be reported and you will be accommodated. That is the law that keep us loyal to one another. We, as a collective consciousness, rely on every citizen to maintain the law and keep order. Only enemies question the law.
            That is why they are a threat to our constitution. They seek to weaken our allegiance to our nation. To restrict basic rights our founding fathers fought to establish. Because of them, millions get deported. Hard working innocent laborers, an asset to our dollar, burn out because we focus on targeting people instead. But you will never hear me say that to anyone. Not even to myself.
            Yes, our system is flawed. As an active Law Enforcement agent, I do my best to not ask questions. No questions that will get me blacklisted that is. Detaining people of interest is one thing but people who simply came here for what little opportunities Merka has to offer is another. Either way, I don’t ask nor care to. Only the criminals get punished, the rest get lost in the system. That is how things go.
            Detaining people feels more like a chore than a duty. Normally, my squad detain about half a dozen people every three hours. Today, we only caught about a hand full. Delta Unit took our detainees to get searched and interrogated. Today’s litter were a textbook profile case, undocumented workers. Most would find themselves back in their country, the good ones would get passed around for a while. It wasn’t my job to know.
            “You sitting alone again during Orientation Hour, Wiccans?” I heard someone ask me while I changed. “You can always join us at our table. It is not allowed but it is also not enforced.” I politely declined hoping to fly under the radar. “Suit yourself comrade.” Kuh patted me on the shoulder as he left. Alone, I changed back into my civilian uniform and clocked out. I was greeted by the same people on my way out.
            They never seem to show any sign of life behind their eyes. They just stare at me with blank expressions and a dough-eyed gaze. They are almost robotic in nature. They don’t think on their own. They don’t act on their own. They are perfect in every way. They don’t ask questions or do as they please. They strive to please others, to please the law. That is all one lives for above all. There is a name for people like them, sheeple.
            “Bye,” I called to the receptionist as I made my way outside, “See you first thing in the morning.” She waved instinctively with an almost forced smile. Her eyes read panic but her smile read content. She held her blank expression until she was the last to leave. Everyone wore the same almost forced smile with a slight of panic in their eyes. Most of the time they seemed to be not all there.
            I skipped Orientation Hour because they preach nothing we already know. It is important to make an appearance every week to stay low key. Today, I made an exception. I just wanted to be left alone. To pour out all my thoughts into paper before I get them electrocuted out of me. I wanted to not think for a second. To forget where I am and the position we as a society have found ourselves in. I just wanted to be left alone where things always seem to be right.
            A knock brought me back to reality as I lay flat on my bed. My one bedroom apartment was plain and simple. I did not give my home life with color or murals. I simply hung the picture of me in my uniform, a picture of my family and nothing else. It is what everyone does when you live alone. I recycle paper, keep my home decent but above all I keep my head down. On occasion, I would mingle with the neighbors but nothing special. No one does anything special unless they are permitted to.
            Kuh and his friends stood outside my apartment, extending an invitation to Orientation. “As a friend, I wouldn’t want people to get the wrong idea.” He began as I let them in. “People talk, it is what we have to do. I heard someone down in Records speak ill of you.” Kuh made his way around the living room, examining the books I have acquired. “But I straightened things out. You don’t want to get blacklisted, especially in our field of work.”
            Regretfully, he was right. I had no choice but to attend Orientation Hour. Fortunately for me, I had someone to back me up. Once people start to talk about you, the government starts to listen. The slightest suspicion of originality or look can get you in the blacklist radar. Anything you do that seems out of the ordinary can make you a target, a person of interest. There is no going back once you have been listed.
            Kuh was friends with everyone. He knew everything that went on behind closed doors because his grandfather nearly became Merka’s 50th president. That kind of recognition will get you a permanent seat with world leaders. A position his family have kept for generations now. Kuh was never a politician, that was his brother. Kuh was more of a jar head, a soldier. He enjoyed, craved, raiding places; anything to fire and shoot. He was my backup.
            “Some kid was planning on hacking every news station and proclaim some kind of brainwashing conspiracy during Orientation.” Kuh stated once we made it to the gathering. Orientation Hour is where we are told what to think. There, we are told who the enemy is and what we must do to protect ourselves. They all end with handing your life over to the government. “Heard he was going to execute this today. Which is why I wanted you here, Wiccans.”
            Thirty minutes in and still the screen before us blabbered on about how weak we, the people, are without the government. “The thing is almost done and nothing.” Kuh exhaled. “What a shame. I was expecting some kind of exhilarating judgment. I don’t know, something different. These conspiracies all sound the same to me.” Kuh turned to me once we were alone, “I wanted you here because I wanted to tell you something.” His proclamation startled me.
            “I’m all ears brother.” I replied, unsure of what to expect.
            “The thing is,” Kuh hesitated, “I can tell you bite your tongue in fear of raising suspicion.” He was right. “I can tell it is easy for you to not ask questions because you know what happens to people who ask questions. You may not have witnessed it yourself but you have heard of such a thing.” Its almost as if he were reading my mind. “I can tell this about you, Wiccans, because I myself struggle to speak up. How can anyone speak up?”
            I remained silent. I did not know if he were leading me to a trap or to reassure me that I am not alone. “People have spoken up, that is the thing Wiccans. People have been objecting since our government began to regulate our rights. Only, they were never stopped. People protested, people gathered and marched. They called their representatives, they made inquiries. They signed petitions, people played by the book. They did everything but prevent their officials from getting away with it.”
            “We find ourselves in this predicament because the people did everything but raid the capital.” Kuh looked around to see if anyone was near. “Anyone who protested, who raised awareness, who made inquiries were targeted. They were sought out and silenced. They were sent to the FEMMA camps. I know because I read the files. When my father’s father ran for president, we were given access to information kept suppressed to the people.”
            “The government is the terrorist.” Kuh stated, “My family knew this and did nothing but what was instructed them to do. We were told from the beginning if we went public no one would believe us. No one would believe because there are people who are told to spread false accusations to discredit anything you might say against the government. They even gave us a file of people who tried to go public before. They were all silenced.”
            “Why share this with me?” I questioned, puzzled.
            “Because you are the only one I know who can be numb to this kind of oppression.” Kuh answered. “They can tell you that the president and his secret service raped and killed a little girl and you would simply bat an eye. It’s not as easy for me to turn the other cheek. It may be for you, but not for me. You are the only one I know who can still think for themselve but somehow go undetected.”
            “How do you do it?” Kuh finished. “How do you allow yourself to be governed in such a way that you can’t even think for yourself?” I was interrupted before I could answer. Kuh was too stressed to even fathom such a reality. “Things can not go on like this. We can not be governed by restrictions, by terrorist. We can not be sleeping anymore, not when they have holocaust the world. We must wake-up, we must take action.” I was afraid he would say that.
            Like clockwork, Law Enforcement appeared out of thin air armed and loaded. Kuh protested his arrest as he ran throughout the park. I was in no obligation to detain him for I was not clocked in. I, like many before me, simply stopped and stared as we watched an enemy of the state be brought to justice. “You are all damned!” Kuh shouted as he was struck down. “You are all too late!”
            As loud as Kuh could shout, no one cared to listen. A swarm of agents silenced Kuh as they took him away. In broad daylight, we were told the truth. We were told to give up for our cause was futile. They had won and we had to surrender. Kuh struggled to free himself as he plead for help. He screamed, he yelled until his lungs gave out. No one bothered to listen. No one bothered to care.