Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Harry Potter and the Book of Shadows

              Death Eaters stormed the Potter manor. Their black smoke kept them invisible in the night as the clouds consumed the moon. Thunder roared in the distance, lightning flashed in an instant revealing a skull above the estate. They appeared en masse, all descending for their prey. Glass shattered as they tore into Potter’s protective shield. Potter’s kids screamed as curses flickered in the air.
             “Expelliarmus!” Ginny shouted as she protected her son from the grips of the intruders. A Death Eater propelled out into the night as ten more entered. “Harry?!” She called, desperately fending off their curses. She took her youngest son and ran down stairs with the Death Eaters at their tail. “Stupefy!” She flicked her wand, stopping two Death Eaters in their tracks but it wasn’t enough. The more she knocked one to the floor more took its place.
            They appeared out of thin air, each armed and lethal. The Potter manor crumbled as more Death Eaters intruded. Curses bounced off the walls as spells countered its effect. A plethora of dazzling colors sparked throughout the house; stunning and paralyzing. Harry stood before his eldest as he blocked a killing curse. “Confundus!” His eldest, Albus, instinctively cast as he aimed his wand. Together they ran into the living room. A massive hole invited more Death Eaters to their home. Harry and his son each blocked more from entering.
            “Lily?” Ginny called as she entered her room. Her windows were shattered, Lily was no where in sight. “Lily!” Ginny franticly called as she fought three Death Eaters on her own. James ran down the hall, ducking from the debris that flew in the air. “Stupefy!” A blast of white magic blocked more Death Eaters from entering. “Harry!” Ginny called as she ran down stairs. Ten more Death Eaters stormed the manor.
            Harry and Ginny knew they had to leave. James and Albus stood together as they defended themselves from the attackers. Harry ran up stairs, searching for his family. “Ginny?” Harry called in the midst of the chaos. His call was muffled by the spells and curses casting in the night. The Death Eaters surrounded the Potters as they stood in the middle of their home. One Death Eater manifested before them, his mask menacing as ever. The Death Eater reached his hand to Harry. Harry stood before his family, ready to face the outcome.
            “Expelliarmus!” Lily shouted underneath the cloak of invisibility. She revealed herself as her parents embraced her.
            “Where were you?” Ginny held her close.
            “I was with you the entire time.” She replied.
            “Harry, we must go!” Ginny proclaimed. “Before more return.”
            “Mom?” James pointed outside. “Dad?”
            They all turned to where their living room once stood. A giant hole revealed the outside to their estate. Above in the cold of night, Dementors regurgitated from the skull that appeared above their home. Lightning exposed an army of Death Eaters surrounding the Potter manor. There was no where to hide, go. Harry and Ginny held each other with their kids in the center. As they were about to teleport to Ron and Hermione, a Death Eater appeared before them; breaking their bond.
            Ginny flew across the room, Albus and James were separated while Harry stumbled to the ground. “Lily!” Harry called reaching for her hand. “Don’t hurt her.” Harry begged as he got to his feet, Ginny and their sons regrouped. “Please, I’ll do anything. I’ll give you anything,” he negotiated not sure what they were after. “Please, just let her go.” Ginny held her boys as tears rolled down her face.
            “We want the Book of Shadows.” The Death Eater demanded, his wand aimed at Lily’s crown. Lily struggled to break free.
            “Book?” Harry whimpered. “What book?”
            “Don’t toy with us,” Lily cried as his grip tightened.
            “We came for you, not the girl.” Another Death Eater called as they surrounded the Potters. Harry was knocked unconscious. The Death Eater threw Lily into Ginny’s lap as they vanished with Harry. The Death Eaters were gone, leaving the Dementors to finish the job. Ginny cried, calling for Harry’s return. Lily fell on her lap, not moving. James held his mother in comfort as Albus stood. He raised his wand to the sky and emitted a patronus the Dementors could not break through.
            The remaining Potters disappeared to Ron and Hermione shortly after. The peaceful night roared in despair. Ron sent a message to his family urging their assistance as he calmed Ginny. Albus and James remained by their mothers side as Lily slept. The confusion brought many questions they could not answer. Hermione called her connections in hopes of finding a solution. Ron’s parents later came out from the fireplace, each worried for their children’s well being.
            “They said they came looking for a book.” Ginny began. “A Book of Shadows.” Hermione seemed alarmed. “Harry never mentioned a book. More importantly, how could the Ministry not have been aware of the Death Eaters? I thought their order ended with You-Know-Who’s death.” Ron rubbed her back in comfort. “They took him.” Tears fell as Ginny finished. “They took Harry and stunned Lily.”
            “Where could they have gone?” Ron asked. “What Book of Shadows?” He turned to Hermione who seemed cautions and lost in her own head. “Hermione?” She looked at Ron, worried as ever. “Is there something you might know?” Hermione felt their stare as she sat. Pacing back and forth made them feel unease. “Should I get the Ministry? Does this Book of Shadows mean anything to you?”
            “Of all the books I’ve come across, that one I have not.” Hermione explained. “I’ve heard rumors and legends of a book with the same title but that’s all they are, rumors and legends. No one, no wizard, has ever read its pages let alone have it under their custody. Rumors say that the book contains old magic, magic that stems from the very first wizard who began to write down spells and incantations.”
            Hermione looked at her mug, gazing into its black waters. “The book is said to have spells capable of opening and creating new dimensions. Legend says, the book was used to summon demons and angels alike. Gods even, but no one is for certain that the book even exists. There are only two wizards, to my knowledge, in the whole world who would know if the book is real. One of them was Dumbledore.”
            “The other?” Ginny’s father asked, curiously.
            “The other works for the Parliament of Archives, he’s a very hard man to tract down for a reason but I think I might know someone who could help.” Ron and Hermione took the ashes placed by the fireplace and vanished in its dust. They teleported to the National Wizards Library and headed down its cellar. Rows upon rows of books as tall as the ceiling hoarded the inside. They maneuvered within its ever changing maze, searching for the book keeper.
            Down a spiral stair they went. The dimmer the lights became, the closer to their destination they approached. Books magically moved on their own, filing themselves to their position. Ron and Hermione followed a faint whisper as it guided them through the maze. As they turned the corner, a man off in the distance hummed a tone they did not recognize. “That’s him.” Hermione took Ron by the hand.
            They approached an old man who sat in a desk, repairing a faded book. “Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, what a pleasure.” The old man turned as he removed his bulky glasses. “How may I be of assistance?” He turned to Hermione whom he’d helped before, “Come to repair another book or did you lose another page?” He laughed as he stood to reach for a book Hermione was too familiar with.
            “Thank you, but we’ve come for something else.” Hermione declined the book he had taken off the shelf.
            “Oh,” the book keeper replied. “You’ve come for something else?” He turned to Ron, “If you’re looking for Ministry affairs, I suggest you take it up with up stairs. This floor is dedicated to repairs of lost books only.”
            “We are well aware,” Hermione began, “You see, we hope you can assist us in finding a book or someone who might know where this book may be.”
            “A search and rescue.” The book keeper added. “Why, you’ve come to the right department.” He sat back on his desk, “What book may I ask are you looking for?”
            “See, that’s the thing.” Ron broke through. “This book we are trying to find is said to be unknown.” The book keeper paused. “We don’t know for certain if it even exists.”
            “Morty,” Hermione called him by his name, “You of all people would know if this book is real or not.” Hermione noticed a light appear in his eyes. He knew what they were talking about. “A family friend and his family were just attacked by Death Eaters who are looking for this book. There are only two people in the wizarding world who might know where this book may be. We figured, you might know where he is.”
            “I’m sorry to hear about your friend.” The book keeper replied, “Harry, I believe. The boy who lived.” He turned his back to them as he proceeded with his work. “I’m sorry my dear, but I have no recollection of such a book.”
            “But Harry was kidnapped because of it.” Ron answered.
            “Then I suggest you take it up with the Ministry. My only business is with books.”
            “Please.” Hermione plead.
            “Many have died, killed, in search for the Book of Shadows.” His back remained to them. “True, there are only two people in this world who may know if such a thing exist. One died and the other is in hiding for that reason. What’s to stop those Death Eaters from coming for me, had I known where to look? My deepest condolences, dear friend, truly but I cannot assist you on this matter.” The book keeper was back to his regular routine, ignoring Ron and Hermione who stood behind him.
            Ron and Hermione thanked him for his time and made their way back upstairs, leaving behind the book keeper buried in a maze. “What should we do now?” Ron asked as they left the library. They stood outside in the cold, in the dark. Hermione held his hand and they vanished into thin air. They later appeared outside Dumbledore’s home. Thunder echoed in the distance, lightning illuminated the heavens. “You think the book could be here?”
            “No,” Hermione answered, “But knowing Dumbledore, he must have left a clue of some sort.” They stared at each other with determination before heading inside. Dumbledore’s protective shield allowed them access to his home. His locked door unlocked as they entered. Stillness rang in their ear as they entered Dumbledore’s library. “Lumos Maxima.” Their wands acted as a flashlight as they searched through every book and shelf. Anywhere that could lead them to a clue.
            “Accio Book of Shadows.” Ron casted.
            “Really?” Hermione whispered. Ron shrugged for he tried his best to help. Hermione laughed it off as she searched through Dumbledore’s memories. She raised every bottle, readed each label carefully; made sure she didn’t read past anything that could have a hidden meaning. “Dumbledore must have left something behind. Something to lead us with.” Hermione scanned through papers filed on a cabinet.
            “A name, address. Something.” Hermione trailed off to Dumbledore’s desk while Ron climbed the stairs to the nook. “Try to find a name you’ve never heard before.” She read through Dumbledore’s file. “There has to be a clue. There has to.” Ginny, George, Percy, Bill, Draco, Luna and Neville soon appeared in the night.
            “Thought you could use some help.” Draco called in the dark. Small glowing orbs appeared as their friends entered Dumbledore’s library.
            “We sure could use it.” Ron implied as he greeted their friends.
            “Did the book keeper say anything?” Luna asked as she stood next to Hermione, taking a stack of files she had placed on Dumbledore’s desk. “No, unfortunately.” Hermione exhaled, “We figured we might find something here. After all, if anyone would know about this book it would Dumbledore.” Hermione placed the stack of papers back on the file cabinet and took out more to rummage through.
            The gang spread out, each waving their wands around; lighting the darkness. “Can’t believe those Death Eaters are still around.” Draco murmured. “How could there still be that many?”
            “How could there still be this much information about something we thought we already knew?” George added.
            While Percy, Bill, Neville, Luna and Hermione remained downstairs Ron, Ginny and Draco searched the upstairs nook. They searched endlessly until Ron stumbled upon a hidden door. “This book seems out of place.” Ron said as he angled the book to its position. A click opened a hidden door, leading to a smaller nook. “Hermione, I think I found something.” Ron called as he, Ginny and Draco entered.
            “There has to be something in here for sure.” Draco said as he waited for the rest to join them. Ginny and Ron scanned each book by the shelves. Percy, Bill and Luna waited outside while Hermione approached a table inside. A spotlight emitting from the moon marked the end of the line. Hermione’s eyes widened as she translated the inscriptions on the book that lay on the table. She held the book and read out loud.
            “Book of Shadows.” She took the book from its resting place, “We found it. Ron, you found the Book of Shadows!” The book was heavy and leather bound. A lock concealed its contents. The book was ancient and full of mystery. How were they to get Harry back, they were uncertain. One thing remained clear, the book was in good hands. Hermione held the book close, cautious of its rarity, as the gang made their way into Dumbledore’s living room. They prepared to leave until the Death Eaters appeared.