Friday, December 13, 2013

Chasing Shadows

            “Please,” begged a mother of four sons. They told her weeks in advance of their trip to a secluded land where native legend says a hidden realm awaits adventure. Being a team of paranormal investigators, the brothers were anxious to chase the shadows in the night. She watched helplessly as her sons packed their things and left. “Please.” She begged one last time, squeezing the oldest son’s hand as he stood by her front door. She couldn’t let him go. Deep in her heart she knew she would never see them again.
            “Ma, we’ll come back.” The oldest assured her worried mind as he kissed her aging forehead. They stepped out into the world and disappeared into the horizon. Excitement raced in their hearts. Close friends advised them to stay cautious, their only parent begged them to stay; but the brothers were determined. All their lives they have been devoted to finding answers of the unknown. Their hard work, the sleepless nights and countless fights, lead them to an opportunity of a lifetime.
            During a filming of their saga, the brothers stumbled upon an old tribe hidden in the jungle. The brothers came to find the natives possessed a secret, an entrance to the other side. At last, they had struck gold. In time, they gained the natives trust and knowledge of the secret paths. The unknown trails that lead to other foreign worlds, lands no man has ever seen, now stood in their possession.
            “We dare not step in the devils playground.” The chief of the tribe warned. “Our ancestors believed the jungle is home to mischievous unknown.” He continued, “People of the outside world know not the truth behind its mystery and power. Heed my warning foreigners; if you dare knock at devil’s door, we shall see you no more.” Blinded by their determination, the brothers disappeared into the jungle; not aware of the dangers they were about to embrace.
Deep through the jungle the brothers hiked. As the sun began to set, they made camp by the river. The jungle came alive with creatures of the dark. The cold night air consumed them. The brothers huddled in their tent for warmth. They pondered over their loving mother when suddenly, off in the distance came the sound of faint footsteps. The oldest took a flashlight and stepped out into the darkness.
The footsteps became louder, nearing by the minute. The rest joined their brother as he stood aiming the light into the endless night. The brothers listened closely. The footsteps, it seemed, were coming from a short distance. The oldest called to whoever was lurking. They weren’t sure if they had gotten an answer. “Should we check it out?” One suggested. Each looked at one another noticing fear in their eyes, but curiosity tugged at their heart strings. With their cameras out and ready, the brothers followed the footsteps; ignoring the little voices in the back of their heads.
They disappeared into the night and further in the unknown. The light in their hands were their only guide as they ventured through unknown paths; following the echoes. Alert, the brothers listened, observed and questioned. Then, the footsteps came to an abrupt end. They stood motionless, wondering where they had gone. “Let’s head back,” the oldest whispered, holding back the fear in his tone. Slowly, they turned to face the darkness and the creatures it brought. The brothers retraced their steps, or so they thought.
Up ahead, an unknown light beamed red. The brothers came to an immediate stop as a faint call echoed around. The brothers dared not make a sound. More lights appeared in the darkness. Chills ran down their spine as footsteps began to approach them. With fear creeping behind, they walked away from the lights that came their way. Blindly in the dark, the brothers chanted a prayer not aware they had already walked through the doorway. The brothers were in a trap, chasing shadows forever in an endless loop.

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