Friday, January 17, 2014


            A haze of uncertainty clouded my consciousness as I awoke from a heavy slumber. I found myself in an empty grey room. Stillness hung all around. The pod I slept in was open. The others lay closed, and through the clear exterior I noticed no one lay inside. Shivers ran up my spine as I realized I sat naked on the cool gel interior of the pod. I had no recollection as to how I got here nor did I question it. The lonesome room almost felt natural, as if I were home.
            My feet dangled as I playfully swayed them back and forth. I remained sitting in my bed, awaiting further instructions. Someone must have woken me up, I figured, but who and why? Before I knew it, my mind began to race with thoughts, questions, and concerns. The more I thought, the more I began to feel uncertain about my entire existence without ever knowing why I had conjured such a question. I expected the worst and feared for my life for no reason. Who am I? I later questioned, one I never thought to ask myself until now. The thought made me reluctant to even want to know, but would I?
            “I would.” I said out loud without a second thought. A light beamed in the corner of my eye. It caught my attention, but do I dare follow it? Instinct told me to do so but fear prevented me from getting up. The light disappeared, fading effortlessly beyond my sight. I was up and walking before I knew it. I followed the light to where it once shined. An opening led me to a long hallway. Its floors were clear and reflective, and looking down I could see a fatigued young man staring back at me. Skin and bones is all I saw. Then, as before, the light returned up ahead and without hesitation I approached it.
            I blindly followed the light, not knowing where it took me. Though fear still lingered, I pushed it aside because I wanted to know who was calling. The glorious light, with all its warmth, guided me across cold corridors beyond the pod from where I rose and straight to a spacious room full of bright mesmerizing orbs. Beyond the glass window outside the room a sea of stars twinkled harmoniously. Some were big, others were small; all in different colors I never knew existed. Overlooking these celestial bodies sat two beings, their slender arms swayed at their sides. Suddenly, a soothing tune echoed in my ear. “Hello?” I said, curiously.
            The two beings stopped as they turned to me. I took a closer look at the strangers before me and noticed they had no eyes, a mouth or a nose. Their bodies resembled an endless cosmo of living light. Their skin was dark with illuminating stars in shades of blue, purple, white and everything in between. I nearly lost them as their bodies camouflaged with the background as they stood. I stepped back, not knowing where they had gone. Fear crept behind me when suddenly the glass windows closed and they appeared where they had stood. “Where am I?” I asked foolishly, wondering if they understood.
            A heavenly tune came from one of the strangers, it sounded like a beautiful melody. The kind that warms the heart and fills the soul with happiness. I didn’t understand what they were saying, nor did it matter. The soothing vibrations of their song gave me the comfort I needed. The melody assured me they were here to take me to a better place where I can be happy. The angelic tune stopped as they noticed I was lost in their beautiful song. One of the strangers raised its hand towards me. Greetings good friend, a voice echoed in my head.
            “Greetings?” I repeated. “Why am I here?”
            You, my friend, are here to conquer your destiny, he answered gracefully in my head. You see, you are like no other species. The human race is far more complex than we'd ever imagine. My kind has wandered the cosmos for centuries, since the beginning of time itself. Never have we met a species so rare and fragile like yours before; you are gods of your own will. The smallest influence can tip the scale and bring forth unpredicted change. We were ecstatic to have found you, in the most unexpected place at that. We’ve prepared you for a new beginning. One we are most anxious to see.
            “So, am I merely an experiment?” I asked, confused.
            No, not at all, he replied, we’ve seen your future. Though we can never interfere, you and your descendants will grow, conquer lands, and bring forth destruction and new life at the same time. The existence of your race hangs in the balance of the coming generations. You will teach them to coexist, or cease to exist. That is the will of our existence. Whether they choose to accept it or not is entirely up to them.
            “Did you wake me?” I asked.
            You woke yourself. He said. That is something most could not accomplish so easily. Another song echoed in my ear, this one had a higher pitch. You have a long journey ahead of you. Worry not whether you get lost for you will always find your way. He paused. We have arrived. Behind them, the glass walls opened once more, revealing a bright blue ball. A small white dot circled around the blue planet, playfully rotating alongside it. This is your new home, take good care of it.
            “Will I ever see you again?”
            In time. Remember, you are the first and the last. Embrace the future and honor the past, he said as they approached me. They stood before me; their long slender bodies towered beyond my own. They were giants and I was merely an ant in comparison. They placed their hands on my shoulder and surrounded me with warmth. I closed my eyes as the light consumed us all. Before I knew it, I stood alone in a field of grass. A cool breeze swept by, sending chills throughout my bare skin. Foreign animals echoed all around. This is my new home. I had no clue as to what to do, but knew exactly where to go.

Monday, January 13, 2014


I could feel myself coming back to consciousness as the numbness progressively faded. The earth burned as I remained on the ground. The sun never felt so intense. My vision adjusted to a bright blue sky up above. Slowly, I noticed the clouds hovering about, obeying the winds every will. Vultures echoed throughout the desert. A dark figure suddenly appeared before me with a brightening halo crowned on its head. It stood there motionless, watching over me.
A familiar face soon appeared in the vastness of the figure before me. The elder of my tribe, I came to find, stood watching. His eyes asked many questions but his mouth spoke no words. Always a kind soul, he stretched out a helping hand to me. I was on my feet before I knew it. My knees shook as he let me go. They felt weak and fragile. I was not ready to stand on my own. My head spun. I did not have a clue as to what had lead me to the desert. I stood lost in a haze of my own confusion.
            I cleared my throat to ask but to no sound. Only raspy, unclear jabber escaped me. What happened? I asked myself, looking around trying to find a sense of reason. Sweat rolled down my spine as we stood in the endless sea of hot sand.
“Save your breath, young one.” The elder spoke as he noticed me pointlessly questioning imperatively. “You will have your answer in time.”
“But how did we end up here?” I later asked, finding my voice through the unclarity. “Last I remember, if I remember correctly, I was with my father helping him with his labors. I don’t recall leaving his presence.” For reasons beyond my comprehension, I had left the comfort of my tribe’s protection and stepped into the savage world, full of ruthless dwellers, known as the desert.
“Follow me.” The elder requested as he turned around. We were heading home to its shelter from the dwellers. In this Godless desert, peace does not exist among those who roam its hot land. Home to the exiled and criminals, the desert is nothing but madness and chaos. If not the dwellers then its critters will end you. Thus my confusion as to why I had left the comfort of my home. A stampede of approaching horses rumbled off in the distance. “Dwellers, I’m sure of it.” The elder commented, without reassurance.
Up ahead, a steep cliff marked the end of our journey. Behind its rocky wall stood protection from danger. The dwellers threat lingered behind as we began to climb up the steep cliff. An iron arrow scrapped my shoulder, drawing hot sticky blood. The attack startled me. I scrapped my elbows as I slipped. “Careful now, reckless, we don’t want to lose you to them.” The elder said as he continued his climb. He, of all people, feared no fear for his years in this tough world prepared him to adapt to whatever obstacle whereas I had barely any experience outside my father’s stable.
Slow and steady, we climbed up the rocks while the dwellers aimed continuously at us. Though there seemed no end to their arrows, a cave up ahead assured us protection. I had exhausted my energy mid-way but refused to stop. The dwellers rage kept me climbing. No later did we took refuge inside the cave while down below the dwellers denied their defeat. They later came to their senses as we remained hidden in the cave.
“This may not be home, but for the time being, we shall call it home.” The elder said as he found a place to sit. I remained in the opening, looking for signs of more dwellers. There’s always one in every shadow. “You need not to worry, young one. We have found refuge. Time now for answers.” I looked at him. He sat patiently.
“What happened to me?” I asked. “Did I blackout?” Light appeared as the elder struck a fire.
“I received a message from our ancestors, the other night.” The elder began. “They came to me in a dream. They came bearing news of great change for our tribe. A gift of premonition has been given to the youngest of my bloodline.” He paused. “You, son of my son, are the youngest of my bloodline. Our ancestors blessed you with the power of sight. Only you can see the not yet seen. Now tell me, what did you see?” I was at a loss. No thought came to mind, I sat speechless. “You were given a gift, young seer, speak. Express that mind.”
“But, I don't recall a thing.” I replied moments later. “Are you sure that it’s me?”
“They had advised me to enter the desert and there I shall meet him.” He answered. “It’s you who I found lying in the desert and no one else.”
“I just don't remember.” I said to the fire.
“You must focus on what you’re being asked. The answer is there, only you can see it. Look within and there your answer lies. After all, only you were granted this gift.” He was right, somehow; as crazy as it seemed. Elders are after all far more intellectual than to those of youthful minds. Their years in this world give them that advantage, the knowledge they need to adapt; to survive, to thrive. He closed his eyes and began to meditate. “Maybe a few hours of silence will help you through your confusion.”
            I closed my eyes and channelled the chakras to my zen. I tried to remember what had happened. I retraced my steps as I breathed in the smoke. I sat in my own darkness when my father suddenly appeared in a hazy fog. We were back home, mending the stables and feeding the cattle. A familiar tingle in the back of my spine crept up behind me sending chills up and down my body. I felt numb again. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I felt myself lean backwards.
            I floated in the abyss of my sub consciousness for a moment. A voice echoed in my head, calling my name in all directions. Suddenly, a bright light flashed before me; blinding me for a second. As I opened my eyes, I found myself lying in bed with a familiar face looking back at me. “Dude, what happened?” He asked me. I was now in the present, back to where I had left. “You were out cold for a good few hours.” He added as he helped me sit up.
“I passed out?” I replied. The atmosphere changed once more as I wondered noting the new surroundings, all the while steadying my spinning head. My voice was different, my clothes were no longer pieces of fabric draped by my waist, and I no longer sat in a cave but in a concrete room. I left home without ever leaving. “Where’s-?” I stopped before finishing the thought. I knew it wouldn’t make sense, nothing made sense at this point.
“So?” he asked as I took a hold of my senses. I did my best to piece the puzzle together, trying to shake the uneasiness out of me completely. “Tell me! What did you see? What happened?” I looked at him and the old man flashed before me.
            “I’m not exactly sure.” I answered. Though I still have no clue as to what I had experienced, one fact was for certain, it was real. The hot desert burning my back as I lay on the ground, the dwellers stampede and the scrape in my elbows; it all happened I saw it, I was there. This delicate type of matter might as well not had happened, but in the very least, perhaps this rare incident occurred when I was another where I lived a different life, in a different place, at a different time.